Ryugasaki Host Town Promotion Booth in “Igape-ichi” Festival!

 The Ryugasaki Host Town promotion booth will be exhibited during the “Igape-ichi” Festival in Nigiwai Open Plaza which is held by Ryugasaki City Chamber Of Commerce.
 At the booth, the Ryugasaki Sports Exchange Association which was established by the city residents, will promote the host towns of Ryugasaki, including Cuba, Thailand, Fiji, and Guam (United States). Furthermore, several novelty items that are provided by the Guam National Tourism Organization will be served around.
 In addition, with the cooperation of coffeehouse “TomuTomu”, the taste of Cuban and Thai specialty coffee, as well as the taste of mineral water from the paradise of South Pacific Ocean, the country of Fuji will also be offered.
 Please come and join us.


Event Ryugasaki Commerical Festival “Igape-ichi”
Date November 23 (Friday) 10:00 ~ 15:30
Location Ryugasaki Commerical and Industrial Association and Nigiwai Open Plaza
Organise Ryugasaki City Chamber Of Commerce
Contact Ryugasaki City Office Secretary Division(TEL:0297-64-1111)