Upcoming Host Town Exchange Activity with Taiwan in Kasama!

 As the host town of Taiwan, the Kasama City will be holding the cultural exchange activity “Taiwan Aboriginal Live of Sang Bu Yi” at the Monzen Beer Garden, as well as the Sasame Soubei Shop passing in the front of the Kasama Inari Shrine.
 Please come and join us.


Subject Taiwan Host Town Exchanges · Kasama-Taiwan Exchange Center Opening Ceremony
~Taiwan Aboriginal Live of Sang Bu Yi × Monzen Beer Garden~
Date October 27(Saturday)17:30~21:00
Location Sasame Soubei Shop(1339, Kasama, Kasama City)
Organiser Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office (TECRO) in Japan
Sponsor Kasama City
Supporter Monzen Beer Garden Executive Committee
Contact Kasama Education Committee and Sports Promotion Division
TEL: 0296-77-1101 (Extension: 392)