Pre-Games Training Camp・Host Town

Pre-Games Training Camp 

The Pre-Games Training Camp is a camp held prior to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 for athletes who are taking part in, for the purpose of adjusting the climate, time difference and other conditions of Japan. It is carried out not only in the host city but in the other municipalities in the host country or neighboring countries as well.
 Athletes are able to compete in the best possible condition on the actual stage through the prior training. It also provides opportunities for athletes to interact with the host community, and at the same time, local governments can take this opportunity to promote international communication and cultural exchange.
 Ibaraki Prefecture has been working with municipalities in the prefecture to attract pre-Games training camps for athletes from other countries and regions around the world.


   Municipalities to Serve as Pre-Games Training Camp Venues

City Name Recipient Country Target Competition Conclusion Date Remarks

Mito City

Hitachinaka City

Belgium TBA 2018.12.1 Cooperate with Ibaraki Prefecture
Yuki City Kazakhstan Karate 2018.10.10  
Ryugasaki City Cuba Judo 2017.07.03  
Oceania area 2017.12.13  
Thailand Athletics 2018.02.12  
Tsukuba City Switzerland Athletics,Judo,Gymnastics 2018.04.11 Cooperate with Ibaraki Prefecture
Hitachiomiya City Palau TBA 2017.04.21  



Mongolia Shooting 2017.07.13  

Kamisu City

Tunisia TBA 2018.11.30  
Sakai Town Argentina TBA 2018.04.09  


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pre-games training camp venues in the prefecture





Host Town

 Under the Host Town Initiative, the Government of Japan registers local governments promoting human, economic and cultural exchanges with countries and regions that take part in the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 as host towns to help promote the local economy and tourism as well as the Games themselves.
 The Japanese government has authorized over three hundred municipalities registered as host towns in the country (as of October 2018).
 Ibaraki prefecture intends to promote the registration of host towns, as well as support the pre-games training camps


    Registered Host Towns in Ibaraki Prefecture

City Name

Recipient Country Plan Registration Date
Bando City Lithuania PDF 2016.01.26【1st time】
Kasama City Thailand PDF 2016.06.14【2nd time】
Ethiopia 2017.07.07【4th time】
Taiwan 2018.02.28【6th time】
United States of America   2021.3.30【29th time】
Hitachiomiya City Palau PDF 2016.06.14【2nd time】
Sakai Town Argentina PDF 2016.06.14【2nd time】

Ibaraki Prefecture, Hokota City

Vietnam PDF 2016.12.09【3rd time】
Ryugasaki City Cuba PDF 2016.12.09【3rd time】
Thailand 2017.07.07【4th time】
Guam 2017.12.01【5th time】
Fiji 2017.12.01【5th time】
Itako City Taiwan PDF 2016.12.09【3rd time】
Sakuragawa City Bulgaria PDF 2016.12.09【3rd time】
Mongolia 2017.12.01【5th time】
Shirosato Town Mongolia PDF 2018.02.28【6rd time】