[Application Closed]City Volunteer Recruitment in Ibaraki Prefecture

The football tournaments in Tokyo 2020 Olympic & Paralympic Games (referred as “Tokyo 2020 Games” below) will be held in the Ibaraki Kashima Stadium. Currently, Ibaraki Prefecture is recruiting city volunteers to perform the spirit of “hospitality” for game spectators and tourists who visit our prefecture from home and aboard, to watch the football games during the period of Tokyo 2020 Games at the Ibaraki Kashima Stadium.




September 18, 2018 – Applications for Ibaraki City Volunteer are now open!

Please read the application guideline for Ibaraki City Volunteer Recruitment first, and submit your application.

The application period is from September 18, 2018 (Tue) to December 10, 2018 (Mon).



Ibaraki City Volunteer Application
Online Application[Closed] Apply by Mail / Fax[Closed]


Ibaraki City Volunteer Application Guideline

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