[Closed]City Volunteer Recruitment in Ibaraki Prefecture

[Application Closed]Tokyo 2020 Olympic & Paralympic Games Volunteer Recruitment in Ibaraki

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●City Volunteer Activities in Ibaraki Prefecture
●Number of Recruitments
●Volunteer Launch Schedule and Activity Time
●Volunteering Strategy
●Application Period
●Recruitment Conditions

●Interviews / Orientations

●Training Sessions

●Subsidy and Transportation Information
●Application Submission and Cancellation
●Contact Information

The football tournaments in Tokyo 2020 Olympic & Paralympic Games (referred as “Tokyo 2020 Games” below) will be held in the Ibaraki Kashima Stadium.
Currently, Ibaraki Prefecture is recruiting city volunteers to perform the spirit of “hospitality” for game spectators and tourists who visit our prefecture from home and aboard, to watch the football games during the period of Tokyo 2020 Games at the Ibaraki Kashima Stadium.

<What is Volunteer at Tokyo 2020 Games?>
Volunteer opportunities to support the Tokyo 2020 Games are classified into the following two main programs. Both two main volunteers are recruited by Tokyo Metropolitan Government and other municipal authorities hosting Games competition venues, as well as the Tokyo Organising Committee of Olympic and Paralympic Games (referred as “Tokyo 2020” below).

  City Volunteers Games Volunteers
Recruitment / Operation entity Municipal authorities hosting Games competition venues (such as Ibaraki prefecture, Tokyo etc.)  Tokyo 2020
Location Major train stations, popular tourism locations, and closest stations around the arena area Game-related facilities and operations such as Games venues and Athletes’Village(Olympic Village)
Activity Descriptions Provide assistance and transport information to Gamer spectators and tourists from aboard around the major train stations and popular tourism locations Support games operations, and provide services to tourists, spectators, media and others


City Volunteer Activities in Ibaraki Prefecture
Volunteers are expected not only provide assistance to tourists, but also help spread the excitement of the Tokyo 2020 Games to support the success of Football Games at Kashima Stadium.
Locations Roles(example)
Kashima City
・Ibaraki Kashima Stadium’s surrounding area
・Kashima Soccer Stadium Station’s surrounding area
・Kashima Jingu Station’s surrounding area
・The Kashima Jingu Grand Shrine’s surrounding area etc.

・Transportation guide at the Ibaraki Kashima Stadium, Kashima Jingu Station and surrounding areas
・Provide assistance to tourists in Kashima City and the other areas in Ibaraki Prefecture
・Information on tournament schedule
・Provide foreign language assistant (such as English etc.) to the above activities

※Depends on the situation and the future preparation, we may conduct other activities that are not mentioned above.
※Volunteers will be engaged in several teamworks during the activities

Number of Recruitments
Expect 700 volunteers
Volunteer Launch Schedule and Activity Time
○Volunteer Launch Schedule
The scheduled dates of football tournaments at Ibaraki Kashima Stadium as showing below, also includes a few days before and after the games
<Ibaraki Kashima Stadium – Football Games Schedule>  
Women Quarter-Finals
Men Quarter-Finals
Women Semi-Finals
Men Semi-Finals

Women 3rd Place Play-Off


※Since the schedule will be finalized by the “International Federation of Association Football” (referred as “FIFA” below) in October 2018, this is only a temporary tournaments schedule for now and may be adjusted or changed in the later time.

○Activity Time
Volunteers will be required to work at least 3 days during the Olympic launch period (shifts can be divided into different days, does not need to be in succession) and minimum 5 hours per day.
※Detailed schedule will be decided before the Olympic launched.
※Detailed shifts, break schedule and standby times will be announced later.

All the applicants must be qualified for all the 3 requirements as showing below.
(1) born before April 1, 2005
(2) Japanese National or person with valid visa permitting residence in Japan during the volunteer period
(3) be able to perform duties and interact with others in Japanese language (at least a basic conversational level is required)
Volunteering Strategy: how to enhance my application
(1) Have great enthusiasm and be passionate towards Tokyo 2020 Games as a city volunteer
(2) Enjoy teamwork, being responsible and considerate
(3) Have volunteer experience or related experience in the past
(4) Intend to apply English or other language skills including the sign language to several activities
Application Period
September 18, 2018 (Tue) ~ December 10, 2018 (Mon)
(1)Online Application
Please read the application process and important information that posted on the “Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Ibaraki Prefecture Related Information”(referred as“Ibaraki Prefecture Portal Site”below) first, then submit your application through the “Ibaraki Online Application and Notification Service”.
※The Ibaraki City Volunteer Application will be posted under the “Ibaraki Online Application amd Notification Service”after September 18 (Tue).

Ibaraki Prefrecture Portal Site

(2)Mail / Fax
The application will be available at each municipalities within the prefecture as well as posted on the Ibaraki Prefecture Portal Site. Please fill in your application and submit it. (Application postmarked after December 10 will be disqualified)
※The application portal will be available and posted after September 18 (Tue).

The volunteer application is available at the following locations:

  • Ibaraki Prefectural Government Building 12F Department of Residential and Environmental Affairs Olympic and Paralympic Games Division
  • Ibaraki Prefectural Government Building 2F General Information Counter 
  • Northern Region Residents Center,Rokko Region Residents Center,Southern Region Residents Center,and Western Region Residents Center
  • Olympic and Paralympic Division in each municipalities within the prefecture

[Mailing address]〒310-8555 978-6 Kasahara-cho, Mito, Ibaraki, 310-8555 Japan
Department of Residential and Environmental Affairs Olympic and Paralympic Games Division
City Volunteer Recruitment Manager

[FAX]029-301-2791 (Japan Only)
+81-29-301-2791 (If dial outside of Japan)

※After the city volunteer registration completed, the applicants should receive the contact e-mail from secretariat in principle.We also consider to install the e-learning training program for participants to use email contact and internet during the period of city volunteer registration and before the standardized training starts.

Recruitment Conditions
We accept the applications from individuals or groups.
※Each group application is limited to 4 individuals per group. In addition, applicant screening and interviews will be conducted separately for each individual in the group.
※If your group have more than 4 people, please break down the number into 4 people for each groups, and then submit your application seperately.
For instance, if your group contains 10 members in total, you can break into 4/3/3 to apply as 3 separate groups.
※We are considering to arrange certain group unit activities to enable you volunteering with your group members. Every possible effort will be made, however we cannot guarantee that you and your group member will be placed into the same team. Beside that, we also need one representative from each group to submit your work shift request.
○Interviews / Orientations January~February, 2019
○Document Screening・Application Results
    (City Volunteers Registration Required)
March, 2019
○Training Sessions  Starts in June, 2019~
○Volunteer Roles / Placement Notification Around March, 2020
○Role-based / Placement-based Training sessions Starts in April, 2020~
Interviews / Orientations

In addition to give an overview of being the city volunteers, the interview process will be based on your profile and other necessary information that related to the volunteer activities written in your application.

Place All the interview or orientation will be held inside the Ibaraki Prefecture (details will be announced later separately).
Schedule Interviews in the Ibaraki Prefecture will be held in multiple days from January to February in 2019. Applicants can book the interview date and time as they wish. For those applicants who submitted through the online application portal will be notified the interview schedule by email, and for those applicants who submitted through the mail or fax will receive the interview notification by mail.

※Any travel arrangement costs and accommodation for interview and orientations are your own responsibility.

Training Sessions

(1)Standardized training

Overview All the volunteers will learn the basic knowledge needed in the volunteer activities through standardized training. We will consider the use of group training and e-learning to conduct the training sessions.
Place All the training sessions and orientations will be held inside the Ibaraki Prefecture (details will be announced later separately).
Schedule Multiple training sessions and orientations will be held from June 2019 to February 2020. Participants can select the date and time for each training session they would like to participate.

(2)Specialized training: role-based/placement-based training

Overview In addition to standardized training program, we will also implement training tailored to each role and placement, so that each and every volunteer can acquire the information and skills necessary specific to each location to fulfill a particular role. The method of conducting specialized training will be announced separately in the later time.
Place All the training sessions and orientations will be held inside the Ibaraki Prefecture (details will be announced later separately).
Schedule  Training session’s date and time will be available for all the participants to schedule after April, 2020.

※Any travel arrangement costs and accommodation in each orientations are your own responsibility.

Subsidy and Transportation Information
During your volunteer activities, you will be provided:
(1) Uniform
(2) Food and drink
(3) Insurance needed for volunteer activities
(4) Certain transportation costs from the place where you stay during the volunteer activities to your assigned placement will be covered
※You are responsible for your own travel arrangement and accommodation from your home to the place where you stay during the volunteer activities
Application Submission and Cancellation
The result of document screening and interview for all the volunteer applications will be registered under the Ibaraki prefecture city volunteer.
In addition, the applicants or participants may be disqualified or removed from the Ibaraki prefectural city volunteer for any of the following reasons:
(1) When an applicant or participant is not able to participate the orientation and training sessions;
(2) When an applicant or participant has committed an inappropriate act that damage the image of Tokyo 2020 Games or heavily affect the volunteer teamwork;
(3) When an applicant or participant has conducted the behavior that disturb to the tourists and game spectators
(4) When an applicant or participant’s application documents contain false information that differs from the actual facts or does not meet the eligibility criteria
(1)Please bring at least one government-issued valid picture ID that bear your first and last name, address, date of birth and a recognizable photograph (such as driver license, passport, or My Number card, residence card etc.)
(2)The result of document screening and interview will be announced by the end of March, 2019 to all the applicants. For applicants who submitted through online application portal will be notified the result by email, and for applicants who submitted through the mail or fax will receive the notification letter.
Please be aware, in any cases that the applicants are not able to deliver the notification mail/letter or not able to confirm their application status via email due to any reasons, the Ibaraki Prefectural Government Olympic and Paralympic Games Division is not responsible for any such failure on result delivery. It is your responsibility to confirm the result of your application.
(3)Personal information will be collected and used it only for the purpose of Ibaraki Prefecture city volunteer operation management.
Contact Information
Any inquiries about the application, please contact:
Ibaraki Prefectural Government Department of Residential and Environmental Affairs Olympic and Paralympic Games Division

TEL:029-301-2117 (Contact Phone Number, Hours:Mon-Fri: 9am to 5pm)
+81-29-301-2117 (If dial outside of Japan)
   ※ Language of Service : Japanese Only